Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Turkey's Sumela Monastery

Source: bioneural

The Sumela monastery in Trabzon, Turkey date back to 386 AD. In many recent years it has become tourist attraction. Before the state of Turkey founded there were 300.000 Greeks living in this area of the Black Sea Coast. After 1922, it called treaty of Lausane  between two country,  Greece and Turkey, that Greeks must leaving Turkey and then The Sumela monastery abandoned. Finally in August, 2010.first mass after 87 years held in this Greek Orthodox monastery.

During the reigns of Theodosius I (375-395), two Athenian priest  named Barnabus and Sophronius found a miraculous icon of Virgin Mary in a cave on a mountain during their traveling from Athena to Trabzon, and decided to built a church on the site. Later became a monastery.

The monastery surrounded by beautiful forest and in the bottom of the mountain flowing a creek


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